Jamie Comer

Most real estate agents offer excellent service. You should want to call a realtor not because you know they will pick up the phone but because you want to hear what it is they have to say. The quality that makes a real estate agent valuable is their ability to advocate. 

The ability to advise wisely and advocate with integrity, intelligence, courage and foresight is the philosophy that has made Jamie a partner in her clients’ long term goals of wealth building and wealth management.  Jamie’s market savvy and strategic thinking has led to a long list of repeat and referral clients. 

Prior to entering Real Estate, Jamie had a distinguished career in the Design Industry. Jamie worked as an Interior Designer reimagining hundreds of homes, as a Retail Strategist for both regional and national home furnishing chains and as a Product Developer for such companies as Z gallery and Pottery Barn. Possessing a highly developed sense of what is compelling in a property and how to highlight this one simple element so that it is easily understood and appealing to a broad range of consumers has benefited buyers in the selection of a property, sellers in the marketing of a property and developers who seek to capitalize in the unrealized potential of a property.

Having negotiated the sale of millions of dollars worth of home furnishings that were the primary generating capital of both the manufacturer and the retail outfit, she understands how to make a negotiation work to the benefit of both parties so that the relationship remains positive, vital and productive transaction after transaction. Having distributed products around the world, she possesses a keen sense of logistics that appear effortless.   

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